Build a disobedient business YOUR way

We’re your disobedient AF business BFFs

Screw the blueprints, the 10-step programmes and all the “shoulds” in the business world! Most were invented by old white dudes *eyebrow raise* and expect you to be things and do things that are just not you and which shit all over your humanity and the humanity of your clients. Hell no.

There is another way and we can help you to figure out yours!

A whole load of Disobedient Business® planning tools - an every-growing bundle of easy to use tools to strategise & plan in your disobedient biz! There's bound to be a few that are 👌🏼 for you, your biz and your 🧠 (when new tools are added we’ll let you know, as they’re all yours for no extra pennies!!).

Grab the lot for $9

(or you could grab a Starbs but we know what we'd do 🤷🏼)

This isn't the place to go looking for pretty packages containing (yet more) blueprints and OTT promises of unrealistic transformations (or income promises 🙄) that fit into a nice neat way of being in the world. 

These are the buttons to click if you want to run YOUR business YOUR way and be successful showing up as the full you, both in and for your business. 

Whether you’re after a bitesize but kickass 60 mins of biz wisdom, a 1:1 session for an immediate dose of clarity, a bespoke ‘done for you” tech project or longer term support that gives you allllll the disobedient goodness, we’ve got something great for you. 

How can we help you to build your disobedient business?

CEOhhh Clarity & Strategy Sessions are where strategy, planning, systems, mindset and what you really (really) want for your business, get together and have a right old house party! The perfect “At the right time" solutions. 💡

CEOhhh Clarity & Strategy Sessions

A high-touch one-to-one and group coaching mastermind for established service-based business owners looking to set fire to the BS rule book and build a People-First business where you define your version of success! 🤘

Disobedient Business® Mastermind

Fucking with the status quo and being disobedient in business is kinda our thing. Come join us.

And we’re the Disobedient Business® Co. team who are going to help you figure sh*t out in your business.

Our unique zones of genius (thanks neurospicy brains!) pack a powerful punch, and together we’ve been helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it since 2016. 

Between us, we support you to create integrity-packed business strategies that work FOR YOU, with effective and achievable plans, that don’t require you to sell your soul. Plus we’ll help you create people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆.

Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy

 let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・

And we reckon that you feel the samesies, or otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? 

🖕 it’s time for business to be different, disobedient if you will. 

🤮 patriarchy is shit and capitalism is utter wank. 

🏳️‍🌈 all of the something-phobias or whatsit-isms are not alright. Every inch of you is welcome here.

💖 there’s more than enough space and work for all of us.

🥳 business doesn’t have to be hard (although we know it can feel that way sometimes).

We believe

The Disobedient Business® Podcast will help you find ways to escape the boring AF business BS, lead with integrity, fuck some business shit up and actually make money doing it. Join us as we dig into all the parts of running a service-based business, from Marketing and HR to Tech Support to Operations. We’ll take a look at what the conventional wisdom would like you to do (AKA usually some shady shit) and help you to find the disobedient ways to do it better (AKA with a sack ton of integrity and a big old middle finger up to the status quo). 

The Disobedient Business® Podcast