Lucy is the slightly less rebellious Tech & Systems Strategist and Podcast Editor and they help business owners wrangle badly behaving tech into smooth and sexy AF systems! Let’s smash the patriarchy and not our laptops!⁠


Meet Lucy

Pippa’s the super rebellious OG Disobedient Business® Strategist, Coach & Mentor and she helps business owners do things differently - disobediently! Let’s set fire to the rule book, redefine success and actually make a good living doing it!⁠


Meet Pippa

We’re a family team here at the Disobedient Business ® Co. Pippa established her business in 2016 and Lucy joined Pippa on this road to rebellion in 2020 and also as podcast co-host of the Disobedient Business® Podcast.

Between Pippa’s years of experience as a no BS coach and mentor and Lucy’s systems and tech wizardry, we’ll help you burn the business rule book and grow your business YOUR way.

I believe with every fibre of my being that it doesn’t have to be your integrity or your success, it can be your integrity and your success!

Hi, I'm Pippa - I'm Head of Disobedience and Lead Coach at the Disobedient Business® Co. I’m a mid-life human who is fat, opinionated, anti-establishment and committed to fucking with the business status quo and both myself and Lucy are living-breathing proof that it’s possible to run your successful business in a way that honours both your humanity and that of your clients and community.

Mid-life + fat + neurodivergent + not conventionally “attractive” = The business space is not made for me.

I am not meant to be successful.

The business space is not made for Fat humans, Gender-Diverse humans, Queer humans, Black humans, Humans of Colour, Disabled humans, Neurodiverse humans or quite frankly, any humans other than cishet white dudes and folks that happily worship at the altar of the rules and concepts laid down by said dudes. The rules simply don’t work anymore!

*plot spoiler : they never did but now there’s a groundswell of business owners out to break them and fuck some business shit up (and I’m thinking that one of them might be YOU!).

I’ve invested some serious money in myself and my business since 2016 (cos we’re told to do that, right?) and while I’ve worked with some amazing coaches and mentors along the way, I’ve also been given a lot of advice that is steeped in privilege, doesn’t honour me or the way I want/ need to show up in my business (cos
🌶️ 🧠, midlife and also *cough*, a human), and often asks me to shit all over the humanity and consent of my clients in the pursuit of my own success.

And. I. Just. Won’t. Do. It.
(and I don’t believe you should have to either)

*Plot spoiler#2 : It wasn’t until I stepped away from all the business BS shoulds and gave myself permission to Stop Doing All The Things I’d Been Told I Must Do To Be Successful and honoured my own humanity, that my business started to thrive. Both financially and by so many other of the measures that matter to me too.

While Pippa's got the coaching and business handled, I'm the one who'll turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆! Hi, I’m Lucy and my [brain] is spicier than a scotch bonnet and when I’m not diving deep into the back end (oooh er) of your tech or workflow, I’m learning random lists of things (countries, flags, states, you name it), crocheting - or trying to because cat+yarn=chaos, bingeing some random bollocks on the telly or settled in for a weekend of watching cars drive round in endless circles (aka Formula One).

I believe our tech stacks don’t have to cost the earth and the technology we use in our biz should support us so we can spend more time doing the things we love than scratching our heads and dicking about.

My background is in hospitality and retail management (I did a BA in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management) but in all my roles I've always been the one that would 'sort stuff out'. I'd handle all the organising of files and paperwork/ systems/ spreadsheets/ Health & Safety stuff and always tried to 'protect' my teams from the Senior Management shitness. I tried to bring humanity to being a manager rather than just doing as I was told and “passing that shit downhill”. I joined Pippa on this disobedient journey because working for "the man" was proper shit and now I can spend my days hyper-fixating on problem solving and plan my week however I want.

Together, we believe that it’s time for business to be different, disobedient if you will. We believe that patriarchy is shit and capitalism is utter wank. All of the something-phobias or whatsit-isms are not alright. There’s more than enough space and work for us all and business doesn’t have to be hard, but also sometimes there will be a fair bit of work to do too.

As the team behind The Disobedient Business Co., we support you through our Minimind and Mastermind, our CEOhhh Clarity & Strategy Sessions, and with a whole load of bite-sized quick-to-implement solutions in our Bites Shop.