(if your answer to that is a whole body “yes” followed by an “oh shit what am I saying”, read on my friend, I’ve got you)!

Ready to jump in, be courageous and step into your role as a coach?

If you dream of making a difference, coaching could be for you!

Coaching is about supporting people to create meaningful change in their lives, to fulfil their highest purpose and potential – to “self-actualise”. It is privileged, beautiful and life affirming work and I am so grateful that I get to be a coach.
So how do you become a successful coach? It takes the right support (keep reading), a good dose of patience, perseverance and pluck. Oh, and a sack load of courage (even if it's the daily one--tiny-step-at-a-time type)!
The journey to becoming a successful life coach is as much about you as it is about training and learning, so be prepared to go on one hell of a personal journey of self-discovery.

(You can find me on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website, where I trained to be a coach, here)

But what even is life coaching?

You’re a born helper and find that people gravitate towards you for help and advice all the time. 

You’re done with superficial connection and communication and you are looking for more meaningful friendships and conversations.

You know there’s got to be more and you want to start doing and being more, even if it means studying alongside work or your existing business.

You’ve been “stalking” various coaches online for some time now, thinking that you’d love to do that, but telling yourself that’s for “other people”.

You are searching for real connections in a group of inspiring, supportive and heart-centred people.

You’ve realised that you are in this world, at this time, for a reason, and you’ve got an inkling that your true purpose might live somewhere here.

Is this you?

“Joining BYCA took me on a personal soul discovery journey and sparked opportunities and understanding about myself every day. For that alone I would sign up all over again.”

The tools, support and confidence to go out and find “pro bono” coaching clients and invite them to coach with me during the course. This was so important to my help hone my coaching skills and confidence.


The opportunity to be matched with a coaching buddy to “practice” with while you are training. This is a fantastic opportunity to share the journey with someone also on it.


I learnt the practical skills of how to be a coach, but also a wide range of business skills including marketing, social media, list building, copywriting, crafting your niche and so much more.

Business skills

One of the greatest gifts from doing the BYCA course has been the connections I have made with so many beautiful folks around the globe. These humans have my heart and are still a big part of my life 5+ years on.


If you are able to attend these events while you are training, they are extraordinary; so far I have attended San Francisco, Paris & London (I spoke at the event in London), and the memories will stay with me forever.

Inspiration days

What I loved most about my coaching journey

The opportunity to become a Certified Coach and to have my business featured on the BYCA database of certified coaches. This is something I am very proud of and I now support new trainees (like you).

Certified coach