A high-touch one-to-one and group coaching Mastermind for established service-based business owners looking to set fire to the BS rule book and build a People-First business where you define your version of success! 🤘

Have you been looking at all kinds of “business support”, but so much of what you’re reading is giving you the “ick”?

Join the Disobedient Business® Mastermind, where you get to explore the full range of what makes you YOU in your business and create a 🖕🏼 up to the system, disobedient & rule-breaking business, that is both "people first" and wildly profitable while you’re at it!

Because you care about how you do business - not just the what, the who and the how much! 

Because you want your business to be successful on your terms and yes of course that means financially, but for you, it means so much more than that!

Because you’ve done alllll the courses (aka finished none of them) and although some of the knowledge has been helpful, much of it just doesn’t “sit well”. Some bypasses your humanity and much of it asks you to manipulate and bypass the humanity of your community and clients too.

Because you crave a space where you can explore what your own success looks like “out loud”, in a judgement-free community of folks who are all giving the middle finger to what society and the business gurus 'expect' of them and instead, creating their own damn rules.

Because you’re a service-based business owner with a wicked sense of humour and you’re creative AF (at a guess we’d say you work somewhere in the realms of coaching, design, copywriting, marketing/comms), and you feel right at home with other courageous, innovative and free-thinking peeps. 

Because you’re just about done with the same old boring-AF BS in the business space and you’re desperate for something else. Something disobedient perhaps?

We see you, you magnificent disobedient human!

Above all kindness = everything, difference is celebrated, honouring humanity is prioritised and your business gets to be more than just a way to replace the day job that felt like a great idea but is actually just a fuckton of hard work, longer hours and you endlessly feeling like you have to use shady AF tactics just to keep the lights on.

  • The toxic culture of productivity is gone and you give yourself a permission slip to work or rest in a way that feels good to you.

  • You are never told it’s a “mindset block” when really you’re navigating past trauma (big or little T) and being told to “just push through”.

  • Nobody is manipulated into buying “the thing” and sales conversations come with consent and consultation, acknowledging that adult humans know their own minds and actually just need space to make their own decision (which usually leads to working with you anyway because you’re fucking brilliant).

  • You’re free to change your mind. Again and again and again. That learning, unlearning, unravelling and taking a different stand or position is to be celebrated and doesn’t make you "flaky". You get to stand your ground for mere minutes before standing somewhere else - it’s called evolution baby!

  • If you want to create a “four-figure'' business that is celebrated just as much as seven figures might be. Where nobody tells you six-figures is wrong, but that it’s not held out as THE measure of success that you must strive for.

Just imagine for a moment if you will...

This is what we want for you in your amazing business and we plan to help you get there! Let's go!

Are super clear on what your vision and values actually are and how they manifest in what you actually do - how you price, how you market, how you define success, how you show up and plan for the future.

Have a “way things work” for your unique business, knowing how to take things forward, with beautiful plans and a solid strategy.

Feel much more confident and grounded, able to articulate the value of the services you provide, connecting with more lovely humans and having authentic, grounded conversations with potential clients and transitioning them into paying clients at a price point that feels great for everyone.

Go from procrastination and confusion and being all in your head to building a business that makes total sense.

How exciting when you...

Susan Sutherland - Next chapter & self-belief coach

Working with Pippa and Lucy is just fab! They bring a solid balance of strategic focus, tactical guidance and - best for me - a set of broad technical skills to help systematize my vision. I even called in emergency tech support for my non-coaching website and they were good, fast, and spot on with their questions when clarification was required. Love working with them!

We have a reputation for supporting folks to not only find their way to thrive and succeed in business, but to do that in a way that doesn’t sacrifice their soul, their peace or their nervous systems - this goes for supporting you to launch your podcast too!


Our mission at the Disobedient Business® Co is to help service-based business owners to find ways to do business that sets fire to the rulebook and do things their way (and by their way, we mostly mean with a 🖕🏼up to the status quo and with stack loads of integrity).


Pippa has been coaching clients in both life and business since 2016, but in truth has been coaching humans in her career for 20+ years, so she’s pretty decent at this stuff. We run two successful group programmes, manage our weekly podcast 100% in-house (Lucy’s editing skills are 🔥), and we also run our monthly Bites classes too. What Lucy doesn’t know about tech, they figure out. Bringing Lucy’s big 🧠 to your systems and tech is never a bad idea!


Pippa is a fully qualified teacher (of adult learners) and has been coaching folks in business and systems strategy for 6+ years. Lucy's a tech genius and all-round systems and workflows maestro. Together it's quite the combo 🔥.


We’ve supported dozens of amazing humans like you for years. We regularly get people in our DMs chatting about our work and how they found us. Supporting clients to find their own way to success, work less, play more, launch programmes, design workflows and systems that create ease, hit targets, give up the day job and more


So why get us to support you?

 let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・

Not just another bloody business course!

There is no polished here - it’s disobedient AF

There’s no "boss babe" here. at all. Period.

No cookie-cutter templates or 5 steps to 7 figs BS.
The Mastermind is about finding a way to be successful in your business your way, through selling and marketing with integrity, loving boundaries with clients and community and stretching yourself personally to be a people-first business owner that leads with integrity your own business values.
This is about business owners that believe 1000% that when one of us wins, we all win. That looks to support and encourage our fellow members and is (truly) about collaboration over competition (especially when that feels a little bit uncomfortable as Patriarchy and capitalism have taught us we should be out to beat each other).

If you’re looking for an amazing community of disobedient business owners and incredible support to grow your business with integrity THIS is the Mastermind for you!

  • You’re in the earlier stages or brand shiny new in your business and your main goal is around attracting new 1-2-1 clients and all those early activities so your amazing new business is sustainable (you're going to want to check out the Disobedient Business® Minimind as this will be right up your street).

  • It’s 100% about getting to the 5/6/7 figures for you and you’re looking for the blueprint or formula you can follow to get there 😳🤢. We’re all about sharing with you all that we know (mentoring) and helping you to find your own way (coaching) and implementing in a way that creates intentional success in your business (strategy) - but we’re a blueprints free zone 🙅🏼. 

  • You’re not really onboard with black lives matter, all love is love, women’s rights matter, all humans are valuable and that kindness is everything.

  • You don't believe that our businesses are political and would rather avoid the tough conversations about the state of the world and how we can play a part in making it better.


Probs not for you if…

  • You’re a coach, creative or other service-based business owner and you’ve been in business for a little while now.

  • You have services that you’re selling consistently and looking at expanding your offer ecosystem (or even streamlining it so you’re not work, work, work).

  • You might well be neurodiverse or have “a touch of the spicies” as we both do and so do many of our clients.

  • Cookie cutter strategies don’t work for you or you damn well won’t use them - fuck blueprints they’re not made for you anyway!

  • You might not like “templated” when it comes to strategies, but you’re here for a template when it makes life easier.

  • You share some disobedient business values with us and you’re aspiring to do things “better” or differently in your business (not the same old shit). There’s a decent chance you’re fairly anti right-wing/capitalist/patriarchy and all that BS too 😳.

  • It’s fair to say you might well be a teensy tiny bit familiar with the burnout struggle bus.


This is for you if…

Helen Wallis-Dowling - Self-belief Coach

I had a ton of ideas but was feeling overwhelmed. Pippa brought a bright light in the shape of a strategy and a plan. I didn’t know what I expected but was confident I’d come away with a business plan and I got soooo much more than that. I felt and continue to feel so much calmer as I continue to develop my business. I feel like I know what I’m doing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and for making me feel seen, heard and understood. 💖

Your copywriting, plans or strategy reviewed! Get Pippa’s eyes on your strategy or plans or disobedient copy coach Siobhan will review sales emails, sales pages or general copy and provide strategic feedback so they hit the mark.

Copy and strategy review

A creative and intimate community of disobedient business owners where we will go deep and wide and have those conversations other people aren’t having. Where all opinions are respected, and interesting and challenging conversations are valued.

Online community & hub

A 3+ hour coworking session where you will create your strategy and plan for the next 90-days, ask questions through the session and share your plans with the group for accountability. Focussed CEO time for strategy & planning = 🔥.

Quarterly planning support

Drop-in office hours via voice or text note with Pippa or Lucy on Thursdays in week 3 from 1-6pm (UK). Bring what you need, grab some accountability or just say "hey" to check in.

Week 3 - Office hours

An opportunity for all Masterminders to be coached live in small groups or “pods” of 6 or less.. No topic is off the table, including business disobedience, strategy, planning, marketing, sales and more.

Weeks 2 & 4 - Hot seat pod calls

Topic-focused guided group calls that centre on areas important to the group, what’s going on in the world or in this weird business space we inhabit. We will explore this as a group, taking some actions away with us. This is often a firm favourite call!

Week 1 - Guided group coaching

Our 4-weekly call cycle:

No VIP upgrades here, all Masterminders get a 60-minute monthly one-to-one with Pippa to have a more intensive conversation and strategise outside of the hot seat calls. 

Monthly 1-2-1s w/ Pippa

This 60-minute call will help us get to know you and your business better before we get started. This is about planning, goals and ideas and dreams for your business for the next 6 months and beyond. 

Kick-off call with Pippa

This is a 30 minute call with Lucy to walk you through all the elements of the Mastermind, how to get support and to help you get the very best out of your time with us. Let's get off to a great start!

Orientation call with Lucy

From time-to-time we arrange mini retreats for working on projects, short "sprint" challenges around things like visibility or sales and when we run our 28-day sprint programmes, Masterminders are invited to take part in the challenge free of charge.

Pop-up events

Helpful to know: You can join the Mastermind roughly once a month, in fact it’s at the start of each 4-week cycle.

It’s simple. The Disobedient Business® Mastermind is a rolling format where the initial minimum sign up is for 6 months and there's any easy peasy way to renew for 3-12 months at a time thereafter (we're so convinced that you're going to want to that we promise that all the time that you stay in the Mastermind, your price is fixed - you will never pay more than you did when you joined!).

We have 7/8 rest weeks a year (because we need a rest and so do you!), but whenever in the year you join, you get 6 full cycles (so 6x4 weeks) regardless of rest weeks, so you never miss out by joining “at the wrong time”.

The offer

15 July
12 August
9 September
14 October
11 November

2024 Start Dates:

(appx £2700GBP*)

(with easy 3+ monthly renewal thereafter)

paid in full


(appx £450GBP*)

(with easy 3+ monthly renewal thereafter)

per mth for 6m


Here's the super-simple pricing...

A note about instalments: You might be used to paying extra to pay by instalments or seeing it sold as a “discount” when you pay in full. We don’t believe in penalising folks that don’t have a stack of cash just lying around to invest in a Mastermind, so the price is the same regardless. Please chat with us if you need a different payment plan as we will always make things work where we can.

* as we are an international business, our pricing is charged in USD$ to be as globally convertible/ recognisable as possible. If, like us, you're based in the UK, and you would like to pay in £GBP, just let us know when you apply and we'll send you a link to pay £450 GBP a month instead.

So, if you're anything like us, you just saw that question and sat back in your chair a little bit! You had been thinking...

" this all sounds amazing - a better, more People-First way of doing business, I reckon I might be IN", but now you're somewhere around...

"oh FFS I had such high hopes but it's another elitist BS thing where I have to jump through hoops to prove I'm worthy of paying eleventy billion pounds to breathe the same air". It's OK hold your horses for just a sec, lovely human - that first instinct you had was the right one, but why do we have an application process?

First this isn't some kind of exclusionary elitist nonsense application BS (no hidden pricing, the price is up there 👆) and we're not looking to "screen" folks that want to join. It's simple really:

We feel really strongly about how important it is that the programme is the right fit for you and that you are the right fit for the programme (we, like you, have wasted faaar too much money on things that weren't!). And as we know the programme better than anyone (obvs) and you know you better than anyone (obvs), a two-way conversation about how the programme would support you in your business and what you would get out of it, feels kinda essential.

Pop your details in and we'll review it within 24 biz hours (often sooner) and come back to you with our thoughts of what's the best next step.

Ready to apply?

Some Qs & some As

Do you offer scholarships or assisted places?

Yes! We offer two places a year, roughly one every 6 months. These places are available to folks where the investment is the only thing stopping them from diving right in and places are prioritised for folks who identify as having a marginalised identity. You can apply for a scholarship place <<here>>.

So why do we have these places available? Well it's simple really, we recognise that the coaching industry in and of itself is a privileged AF world where a good % of folks are automatically excluded by the kind of prices being charged, and while that might feel less relevant with business coaching (given that clients are business owners themselves), we feel strongly that we provide services that make sure our needs are taken care of financially and then we want to be able to provide financial support where we can (I guess it lives somewhere between paying it forward and leaning over and giving folks a hand up and having some pretty socialist leaning political beliefs).

Can you guarantee my results?

It would make for a nice short answer if we just said “nope”, but the longer version is that your results are just not within our control, not only can we not guarantee them, they’re also not within our gift to define either. What we are confident of is that your life and business will be forever changed as a result of joining us!

When are the calls?

You can find the draft call schedule <<here>> and which Hot Seat Call Pod you will be in will be determined once you’ve signed up (you will be asked for a preference when you sign up). We try to make sure that there are calls that work in all time zones and of course, all calls are recorded and available in the Mastermind hub for you to listen back to.

How many people will be in the Mastermind?

We max out at 12 Disobedient Business® Masterminders at any given time and we split into up to 2 pods for Hot Seat coaching calls.

Does the Mastermind include any one-to-one time?

Yes, all Masterminders get one 60-minute call with Pippa every month.

How long do I need to have been in business to join?

This is an interesting question as we usually say the Disobedient Business® Mastermind is for folks 2/3 years into their business where life is a bit less about the constant search for clients and refining, refining, refining what you do and who you do it for. If you’re in the earlier stages of your business (however long you've been in business as you get to define "earlier”), you might like to check out the Disobedient Business® Minimind. <<Chat with us>> if you need help deciding.

My question isn’t listed here...

No problem, just pop into our DMs on instagram or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help and give you a super honest answer to whether The Mastermind is right for you.

The online (and offline) business space isn’t going to get more equitable, become more anchored in humanity or less steeped in privilege if those of us IN that space don’t take action and start to do business differently.

This is your time to “stick it to the man”, break some rules and fuck some business shit up, with an amazing disobedient community of folks who are doing the same.