where the cost of your business success is not your integrity

Create a 🖕🏼 up to the patriarchy, disobedient & rule-breaking business, that is both "people first" and wildly profitable!

Because you care about how you do business - not just the what, the who and the how much!

Because people matter to you and not just in the way that they’re supposed to matter (because, of course), but you want your business to be people-first, to respect your clients, their lived experience and their humanity.

Because you want your business to be successful on your terms and yes of course that means financially, but for you, it means so much more than that!

Because you’ve done alllll the courses (AKA finished none of them) and although some of the knowledge has been helpful, much of it just doesn’t “sit well”. Some bypasses your own humanity and much of it asks you to manipulate and bypass the humanity of your clients too.

Because you crave a space where you can explore what your own success looks like “out loud”, in a judgement-free community of folks who are all giving the middle finger to what society 'expects' of them and creating their own damn rules, while building up those around them too.

Because you’re a business owner with a wicked sense of humour and you’re creative AF (at a guess we’d say you work somewhere in the realms of coaching, design, copywriting, marketing/comms), and you feel right at home with other courageous and innovative peeps. 

And because you’re just about done with the same old boring-AF BS in the business space and you’re desperate for something else. Something disobedient.

we see you, you magnificent human!

you want to build a disobedient AF business that makes you money and feels fucking amazing, both for you and for all the people around you!

does that sound like a space that you want to be in? well you're in the right place as we are the people that are gonna make that happen - one disobedient business at a time!

Above all kindness = everything, difference is celebrated, honouring humanity is prioritised and your business gets to be more than just a way to replace the day job that felt like a great idea but is actually just a fuckton of hard work, longer hours and you endlessly feeling like you have to use shady AF tactics just to keep the lights on.

If you want to create a “four-figure'' business that is celebrated just as much as seven figures might be. Where nobody tells you six-figures is wrong, but that it’s not held out as the measure of success that you must strive for.

You’re free to change your mind. Again and again and again. That learning, unlearning, unravelling and taking a different stand or position is to be celebrated and doesn’t make you "flaky". You get to stand your ground for mere minutes before standing somewhere else and it’s called evolution baby!

That you are never told it’s a “mindset block” when really you’re navigating past trauma (big or little T) and being told to “just push through” creates a potentially emotionally unsafe situation (both for you and your clients).

The toxic culture of productivity is gone and you give yourself a permission slip to work or rest in a way that feels good to you. Rules Be Gone!

Nobody is manipulated into buying “the thing” and sales conversations come with consent and consultation, acknowledging that adult humans know their own minds and actually just need space to make their own decision (which usually leads to working with you anyway because you’re fucking brilliant).

Your uniqueness, nay all your weirdities, are not just tolerated but celebrated out loud and you get to explore the full range of what makes you YOU in your business and bring that to the world.

imagine a business space where...

I'm Head of Disobedience and Lead Coach at the Disobedient Business® Co and I’m here to tell you - that place can exist - but we have to work to create it! I’m a mid-life human who is fat, opinionated, anti-establishment and committed to fucking with the business status quo and I am living-breathing proof that it’s possible to run your business in a way that honours both your humanity and that of your clients and community.

Mid-life + fat + not conventionally “attractive” = The business space is not made for me.

I am not meant to be successful.

The business space is not made for Fat humans, Gender-Diverse humans, Queer humans, Black humans, Humans of Colour, Disabled humans, Neurodiverse humans or quite frankly, any humans other than cishet white dudes and folks that happily worship at the altar of the rules laid down by said dudes. The rules simply don’t work anymore!

*plot spoiler : they never did but now there’s a groundswell of business owners out to break the rules and fuck some business shit up (and we're hoping that one of them is YOU!).

I’ve invested some serious money in myself and my business over the last 7+ years (cos we’re told to do that, right?) and while I’ve worked with some amazing coaches and mentors along the way, I’ve also been given a lot of advice that is steeped in privilege, doesn’t honour me or the way I want to show up in my business, and often asks me to shit all over the humanity and consent of my clients in the pursuit of my own success.

And. I. Just. Won’t. Do. It.
(and I don’t believe you should have to either)

*Plot spoiler#2 : It wasn’t until I stepped away from all the business BS shoulds and gave myself permission to Stop Doing All The Things I’d Been Told I Must Do To Be Successful and honoured my own humanity, that my business started to thrive. Both financially and by so many other of the measures that mattered to me too.

hi, i'm pippa

it doesn’t have to be your integrity or your success, it can be your integrity and your success!

Includes the all-important business systems and processes piece that is so often missing - crafting customer journeys that both create the experience that you want your clients to have, honours their humanity and is efficient and supportive to you too. When the shit hits the fan, you want those systems there to support you while you deal with the fan with the shit all over it 😂!

Supports you to create strategies and plans that move away from the “bang or bust” style of business and into a more solid and predictable flow where all the other success measures in your business are valued equally highly as the financial ones.

Brings together a range of guest specialists to share their knowledge and create the space for important and interesting conversations to be had and different ways of being in the world and in business, to be honoured.

Includes a courageous community space to have complex, nuanced and challenging conversations where all opinions will be heard and respected but that harm to folks, especially those with any kind of marginalised identity, will never be tolerated.

Doesn’t just allow you to be imperfect while you navigate new ways that you show up and do business, but 100% advocates for imperfection as a normal part of being a disobedient business owner. We try, we fuck up, we try again!

Doesn’t require you to plough through endless content that you won’t finish and you definitely won’t implement, but instead provides you with the space and support to grow your business, your way.

We created the Disobedient Business® Mastermind as it’s the disobedient business support and community that we would want to have in our business. It's a mastermind that:

the mastermind we would want in our business!

take me to the details!

Sorted out what their vision and values actually were and how they manifest in what they actually do - how they price, how they market, how they define success, how they show up and plan for the future.

A big ​​permission slip to run their business disobediently, their way - it turns out that they can just be themselves and that's OK.

They transitioned from part time to doing business full time. And the key take away was how important it is to have the right kind of support around you when you are at any stage of your business.

A really clear framework for their business, how to take things forward, beautiful plans, structure.

Feeling much more confident and grounded and being able to articulate the value of the services they provide, being able to connect and have authentic, grounded conversations with potential clients and transition them into paying clients at a price point that feels great for everyone.

From procrastination and confusion and being all in their head to having something that makes total sense.

looking for results?
here’s some from past masterminders:

The Disobedient Business® Mastermind is where strategy + humanity + systems + community + thought leadership, all collide in one courageous and disobedient AF space.

It’s a glorious 6+ month journey for disobedient business owners to take themselves and their businesses on the ride of their lives. If you’re looking for a different kind of mastermind this year that will help you to grow, nurture and develop your business with stacks of integrity then the Disobedient Business® Mastermind is for you!

introducing the disobedient business® mastermind

probs not for you if...

So we’ve talked about why the Disobedient Business® Mastermind might be a great fit for you and your business but why might it not be?

👎🏼 you’re brand shiny new to your business and your main goal is around attracting new 1-2-1 clients and all those early activities so your amazing new business is sustainable** (see FAQs).

👎🏼 it’s 100% about getting to the 5/6/7 figures for you and you’re looking for the blueprint or formula you can follow to get there 😳🤢.

👎🏼 you’re not really onboard with black lives matter, all love is love, women’s rights matter, all humans are valuable and that kindness is everything.

👎🏼 you don't believe that our businesses are political and would rather avoid the tough conversations about the state of the world and how we can play a part in making it better.

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laura chapman

Sadie Tichelaar

see what past masterminders had to say 

philippa robinson

My first few months in the Mastermind have surpassed any expectations I had about how brilliant it would be. Pippa is so amazing at activating my ideas and helping me see the next steps. I often get myself caught up in too many things and can't see where I'm going but Pippa's insight, enthusiasm and expert guidance helps me get clear and move forward. She has already helped me think and feel bigger about my business. I can't wait to see what I can achieve in another few months in the Mastermind. 

The other Masterminders are a wonderful group of people and I always learn something from the group coaching sessions even if I don't have a specific question or I listen on the mastermind podcast reply (which is a genius idea - I love a podcast). Lucy is so good on tech queries and Siobhan has been so helpful with her comments on my copy. I am so glad I joined the Mastermind and I recommend it to anyone thinking about it.

chat to a masterminder?

So I decided to join the Disobedient Mastermind because I've been very fortunate enough to work with Pippa in the past and I knew what I would be getting and that it was going to be totally worth it. I was also delighted when I saw who was on the roster for some of the guest workshops, and they proved to be fantastic. I knew there would be a lot of content, but without being overwhelming, I knew it wouldn't be an icky, bossy space. And I also knew that I could show up exactly as I was and that I would be welcome. And that's something that's really important for me in group spaces.

The only thing that I was nervous about joining was that there was going to be people there that I didn't know. But that's true of me in any group space, it's always that same anticipation of meeting new people. However, once the first session was underway, I knew that I was in completely the right space and that's very much due to how Pippa works who she is and the people that she attracts into her space all very much of the same vibe, all very chilled, all very disobedient, and it was just a great experience.

I think my favourite part of being part of Disobedient Mastermind has been the other disobedient members that have been in the space. And again, once again, that's down to the people that Pippa brings into her into her world. And it's been really valuable to be in this kind of space with people who are both similar and very diverse for myself as well. I've learned so much, and I've also been able to share so much with others as well, and it's made it a really rich, a rich experience to be part of.

Being part of the Disobedient Mastermind came a really key part in my career. And that was I transitioned from part time to doing business full time. And the key take away from me has been how important it is to have the right kind of support around you when you are at any stage of your business and I've had such a confidence boost from being in the mastermind and hearing everyone else's journey and feeling supported on my own. I think it would be a very different experience for me if I hadn't been in a Disobedient Mastermind at this time.

I would recommend Disobedient Mastermind because it's a different way of doing business from all the cookie cutter ways that I have seen before. And it's completely shift arounds what I thought a mastermind was and definitely for the better. If you're unsure if it's for you or if you're kind of still sitting on the fence, then I 100% recommend having a conversation with Pippa and letting her know where you are, and she will very honestly let you know if she can help, and I bet she can.

close me

I decided to join the Disobedient Business Mastermind because of Pippa's awesome energy. She was just someone that I knew. I wanted to, uh, spend time with and be guided along by and because I knew that because of the energy she would bring together some awesome people that I wanted to be in space with and to share this journey with and because I wanted a programme that was all about action and focusing in rather than taking in and learning more, which it delivered beautifully.

I guess, if anything, I was nervous about being in a group part of a group programme. As an introvert, I was sensitive about what energy I'd be taking in and on. And actually that's panned out really well. (A) because the people are awesome and Pippa holds the space really beautifully and in a kind of real life way and you can show up exactly as you are. And you can show up exactly as much as you want to or not, as the case may be, is Pippa is all about doing it your way.

I have loved, loved, loved the guided coaching calls. We get stuck into some really awesome subjects and get to discuss them all together in a way that feels kind of safe and trusting and that you know that what you're sharing is kind of contained in this space with people who are sharing it with you. And the same with the workshops and, well, everything really. It's awesome. What more do you want?

Oh my the change has been huge. I have taken myself from procrastination and confusion and being all in my head to having something that makes sense of all of that muddle. A really clear framework for my business. A really clear view of how to take things forward. Beautiful plans, structure - all this good stuff that I love. Clarity and and more community, more awesome people supporting me and advocating for me gloriousness!

I would recommend the Disobedient Business Mastermind because there are so few spaces in my experience where you are encouraged to so fully be yourself and so fully do this business thing in your own way. There is nothing in this mastermind that says you have to do it like this. You have to do it my way. It is all about the disobedience of doing things exactly the way you want to, and it's going to be there with beautiful people or doing that in their own way, so you learn so much about yourself and others.

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Want to chat to an existing masterminder to find out all about their experience in the Disobedient Business® Mastermind? No problem, just drop us a note at masterminders@disobedientbusinesss.com and we'll make the introductions (we LOVE that our masterminders offer to do this 😍).

A creative and intimate community of disobedient business owners where we will go deep and wide and have those conversations. Including accountability and cheerleading in the highs, lows and the wild ride that running a business really is. A courageous space moderated by Community Manager Lucy and Lead Coach Pippa, where all opinions are respected, and interesting and challenging conversations are valued.

the disobedient business® community

Your copy, plans or strategy reviewed! Worth the price of the mastermind alone, get Pippa’s eyes on your strategy or plans or resident disobedient copy aficionado Siobhan Strode will review sales emails, sales pages or just general copy and provide strategic feedback so they hit the mark.

copy and strategy review

A wonderful opportunity to create your Disobedient Business® Plan for the next 90-days. A half-day co-working session where you can create your strategy and plan for the next quarter, ask questions through the session and share your plans with the group for accountability.

quarterly planning circles

A library of truly brilliant recorded workshops with past guests from the likes of Tamu Thomas on Disobedient Joy, Bear Hebert on Disobedient Pricing, Ruth Ridgeway on Disobedient Client Attraction, Keri Jarvis on Disobedient Visibility and so many more.

specialist library of guest workshops

And if that’s not awesome enough (and it is)...

An opportunity for all masterminders to be coached 1-2-1 live in smaller “pods”, on something in their business every 2 weeks throughout the mastermind. No topic is off the table, including business disobedience, strategy, planning, marketing, sales and more.

hot seat coaching with pippa

Topic-focused guided group calls that will centre on areas important to the group. Pippa will kick off with a short input on a topic influenced by masterminders, what’s going on in the world or in this weird business space we inhabit, and we will explore this as a group, often taking some actions away with us. In the last round of the Disobedient Business® Mastermind this was a firm favourite call! Let’s have the conversations that nobody else is having 🔥.

guided group coaching call

This is a 45 minute call for us to get to know you and your dreams and challenges in your business better before we get started. It isn’t a coaching call as such, it’s a way that once we have your welcome questionnaire back, we can get to know you better and help you get the very best out of your time in the mastermind. Let's get off to a great start!

1-2-1 orientation call with pippa

so, what do you get in the disobedient business® mastermind?

When you sign up for the Disobedient Business® Mastermind you are signing up for an initial 6 month period, but the mastermind is a rolling programme and after your initial 6 months, you can "re-up" for 3 months at a time - easy peasy. We're so convinced that you're going to want to that we promise that all the time that you stay in the mastermind, your payment price is fixed - you will never pay any more a month (or in total) that you did when you joined.

2. A Note About fixing your price

You might be used to paying extra to pay by instalments or seeing it sold as a “discount” when you pay in full. We don’t believe in penalising folks that don’t have several thousand pounds just lying around to invest in a mastermind, so the price is the same regardless. Please chat with us if you need a different payment plan as we will always make things work where we can.

the financial investment

6 monthly payments of £450 (apx. $535) a total of £2,700 (apx. $3200)

What’s the price you will pay for your initial 6-months spent in the company of the best Disobedient Business® owners around and the support you need to grow your business with integrity and humanity (yours and everyone else's)?

1. A Note About Instalments

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the bonuses 😱

Let’s face it, this is the place where most peeps would tell you the eleventy billion pounds you’re saving in some trumped up nonsense bonuses so let’s keep it simple (and honest) shall we? We have no interest in lying to you or giving you a pile of stuff you won't use to join the shelf of other stuff you already have that you also don't use!

We believe eleventy billion % in the value of the mastermind itself so we're not going to insult your intelligence by listing stuff here!

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ruth parkinson

siobhan fisher

see what past masterminders had to say 

kate bacon

I decided to join the Disobedient Business® Mastermind because quite frankly, being in business on your own can be rather lonely. And I was looking for a group of like-minded individuals that I could share the highs and the lows and the ins and the outs of running my business my way. I'm doing things the way that I want to do it. And, yeah, I definitely found that crew with the Disobedient Business® Mastermind this year.

I was nervous about a new group of people. There were a lot of individuals in the group who I had never met or spoken to before and I had no idea how we would get on and how we would gel and how I might feel, you know, some of them very well established in their business, compared to where I'm at with my journey and my business. But it turned out that I had no need to worry about that. They were an absolutely lovely bunch, as you might expect with Pippa being at the helm of us all. So, yeah, it was no need to be worried about that at all.

I think my favourite part of the disobedient business mastermind has been all of the guest speakers and workshops. It's just been really enlightening, really insightful to hear from people from all walks of life running all types of businesses and doing so, disobediently and how they kind of applied their way of doing things to their business, it was really inspirational. Also found inspiration from my fellow Disobedient Business® Masterminders, hearing from them on a weekly basis and what they were doing on how they were smashing things was really inspirational too

I think the changes that I've made in my business are, well, I think it was more about the fact that I felt like I'd been given a permission slip to run my business disobediently. That's been my biggest takeaway. So I have wanted to do things differently and, you know, not really enjoyed seeing the way that people were selling and marketing and running their businesses and I didn't want to be like them and do it the same, but I didn't really know how to do it differently. And it turns out that I can just be me and then that's going to be OK, because there's a whole bunch of us out there who feel the same!

I'd recommend the Disobedient Business® Mastermind because it was really such an enlightening experience for me to just understand that there is another way to do things. If you're sitting on the fence and not sure whether to join, if you wake up every day and think there must be a different way to do this, because that's how I felt, then I can assure you that there is a different way to do things and you can explore those different ways with no judgement and lots and lots of love and support from your fellow Disobedient Business® Masterminders.

close me

So I joined the business mastermind because, I guess I thought it's very easy to say I want to do business differently, but actually quite hard to put it into practise so that it feels like it's lived and sustainable. And I just felt that anything offered by Pippa would be real and genuine and get to the nitty gritty and that I would actually be able to nail all aspects of my disobedient business.

I did have one or two queries. I guess before I started the course, of course, you always think will it really be disobedient, or will we just be paying lip service? And will it really be, just a little bit of a deviation from the norm? I needn't have worried about that. It really has been disobedient. What else will it the value for money? Well, I like the people will be a lot of tosspots on it. Um, and there weren't they were all lovely, no tosspots at all.

My favourite bit of the whole programme was the group, the group of people that I was with. It was marvellous, serendipitous. We had some fantastic conversations. There was always great participation and energy for everything. No matter what we were doing, we all learned loads from each other and I don't think I've ever been in a group that where there was such high levels of trust, acceptance and compassion from people who didn't know each other.

What changes have I made to my business? I've just got all my ducks in a row, really, you know. Sorted out what my vision and values actually were and then looked at how they manifest in what I actually do. So, how I price, how I market, how we define success, how I show up, how I planned for the future. Just a holistic blueprint for how I want my business to work. Um, yeah at all levels really.

Why would I recommend recommend the DBM to people who might be thinking of joining? I just think you'll really interrogate what it means to do things disobediently at all levels. It's just so, so thorough, far more thorough than I ever imagined it would be. Um, you get both variety, but also great consistency. Week in, week out. It's just a very professionally run container for human flourishing, really. And the sum is greater than all the parts. Um, great value. It was great value for money.

close me

I decided to join the Disobedient Business Mastermind because I felt I wanted support with my very new beginnings of my coaching practise working with midlife women around self belief. And I really wanted a supportive community of other humans who are running their own businesses as well, plus the support of a really solid business coach (that's Pippa), so that was my main reason.

I wasn't really hesitant about anything before joining the mastermind, I knew Pippa because I had a coffee chat with her online a couple of years ago and I followed her on social media, so I knew she was really sound & really fun. And, of course, the disobedient bit really appealed. And I knew she'd surround yourself with some really great clients in the mastermind. I suppose the one thing I was slightly hesitant about and this is the same with joining any kind of new group of people is whether I felt I would belong. But to be honest, I was welcome from day one, and I've always felt I could be completely myself.

That's a hard question, what's been my most favorite part of the mastermind? Everything, of course, everything! Really, really appreciate the regular hot seat coaching and the discussions we have and also our guests have been absolutely superb and also the support in the Facebook group and on Voxer with Pippa. I did also sign up for the extra 1 to 1 additional coaching, which has been absolutely amazing as well and a really great addition to the mastermind.

I think the biggest changes are actually getting stuff done and really, really focusing on what's important. I spent ages, in fact, my website is still not quite ready, but hopefully this week, getting kind of sidetracked by the smaller things, when really Pippa helped me and the group helped me to see that the most important thing was getting myself in front of people and having conversations with them, being a very, very early stage business. So yeah, focus on actually achieving what I want to achieve.

I would recommend the disobedient business mastermind to anyone who felt that their disobedient I they want to do business a little bit differently. Um, one of the absolutely amazing things about the mastermind is the fact that we all have quite similar values. And we're really all trying to smash the patriarchy capitalist, racist, white supremacist, everything else East society. And Pippa does that really, really well. She's extremely inclusive, and, um, she's just great fun to work with. And the people in the mastermind have been absolutely 100% supportive and fun too!

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not just another business programme!

This is not just another business course! This is not about consuming tons of information, wading through content you will never finish and practices you will never implement! This is not about endless things you must do.

This is also not one of those masterminds where you're simply paying to "be in the room" with other people - this is real business owners, all at different stages of their journey, all at different income levels and all with amazing contributions to make, regardless of any of those things!
This is about finding a way to be successful in your business your way, through selling and marketing with integrity, having loving boundaries with clients, community (and yourself) and stretching yourself personally to be a people-first business owner that leads with integrity and a damn fine set of business values.
This is about business owners that believe 1000% that when one of us wins, we all win. That looks to support and encourage our fellow members and is (truly) about collaboration over competition (especially when that feels a little bit uncomfortable as Patriarchy has taught us we should be out to beat each other).

If you want to stick with the ways things have always been done, if you don’t want to recognise and acknowledge your privilege, want cookie-cutter formulas and blueprints or you’re OK doing “whatever it takes” to be successful and fuck the consequences (for you or for your clients), this might not be the right ride for you.

If, however, you’re looking for an amazing community of disobedient business owners, incredible support to grow your business with integrity AND a fantastic schedule of disobedient specialist guests, THIS is the mastermind for you!

  • there is no polished here - it’s disobedient AF

  • there’s no "boss babe" here. at all. period.

  • if this sounds like you then get your backside in here, we would love to have you.

get me in there!

The online (and offline) business space isn’t going to get more equitable, become more anchored in humanity and less steeped in privilege if those of us in that space don’t take action and start to do business differently. Or as we like to say “let’s break some rules and fuck some business shit up!”

Remember we said this was a Disobedient Business® Mastermind?

Well, with that in mind, we’re not here to convince you to join.

We want you to join if the Disobedient Business® Mastermind is right for you.

We want you to join if the investment is doable for you right now (even if it is a bit stretchy).

We want you to join if you feel like 2022/3 is going to be your year to “stick it to the man”, fuck some business shit up and run your business differently, with an amazing disobedient community of folks that plan to do the same.

But mainly we want you to join because you want to and not out of any kind of shitty FOMO or rubbish manipulation or because we’re promising you results that are not within our gift to provide (because obviously we can’t make any promises and you know that!).

So if you are up on that fence or you have questions, then we’ve got you! Book a virtual coffee date and we can find out if the Disobedient Business® Mastermind is right for you.

Still sat up there on the fence getting splinters in your arse?

sign me up buttercup

amber bosse

amy wright

see what past masterminders had to say 

So I decided to join the Disobedient Business Mastermind because I knew I needed support to actually get stuff done in my business. Um, and I wanted a place where I knew I was going to feel at home where I could be comfortable. Sometimes I have some quite, I feel, radical ideas about what I'm doing in my business and I knew I needed people to cheer me on rather than pick holes in that. Um, and it was important that I was around people that genuinely were working to make the world a better place, and really walking that walk, um and it really felt like Pippa had created exactly that, um, and it was it just felt like a really lovely place for me to join.
I think the thing I was most nervous about before joining was um the investment. It was the biggest amount of money I'd ever spent on my business. To um my accountant husband, seemed like a really big, perhaps indulgent expense. But actually, it's proved to be one of the most sensible things i've ever done for my business um and it has genuinely had a huge impact on how I feel about how I structure my services and how I charge for my services, and it's given me such a confidence boost that um, that alone has been worth its absolute weight in gold.
Oh it's really tricky to pick out my favourite part of the Mastermind, um because, like genuinely, I've absolutely loved all of it. I think like the guest workshop. Certainly the calibre and expertise of the people that Pippa's brought in has been amazing, um but also then the reflection of the group and just being around like the most amazing people has just been absolutely wonderful. Plus, I also really love the Voxer hours because to pester Pippa with questions, and it's just been such a helpful, helpful thing for me to get untangled and move forward.
There's so much to say for what kind of key takeaways I have, um so I'll try and cram it in. But I think the confidence and the conviction that I can do business in the way that I want to has been a huge thing. Um, I'm really understanding where my superpower is and kind of giving myself permission to be who I want to be in my business and to do things in the way that I want to, um in the way that I know works best for me, but also that does amazing things for my clients. That, and just knowing that I can do that, has just been absolutely huge.
What would I say to someone sitting on the fence? Well, um, it's absolutely a place for you if you know that you want people to challenge you and, um, not let you get away with your own bullshit and to help you figure out all the knots in your head that is stopping you from. And I don't want to say stepping into your power because that sounds so annoying but genuinely getting you to step into your awesome-est self and know deep down that the work that you're doing is amazing. If you want someone to just pat you on the back and tell you exactly what to do, that's not going to happen.

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I decided to join the Disobedient Business Mastermind after spending a fair bit of time waffling in indecision around whether I wanted to become fully self employed. A majority of the conversations that I was hearing and learning from about being an entrepreneur, we're really just icky. They didn't align with my personal values, but when I finally matched up with Pippa and started following her and paying a close attention to the conversation she was hosting and leading, I figured out that, yeah, I could I can do business differently. There's this group of folks that are doing this, and these are the folks that I want to learn from and be in a conversation with.

I will definitely admit that at the start of the mastermind, I was really grappling with feeling challenged by the idea of investing in myself, spending both time and money in being able to get myself where I wanted to be, in being self employed. But after a few months it didn't take long at all with a couple of coaching sessions and guided calls, those concerns kind of melted away and very quickly transitioned into, "this is the best money I've ever spent". "This is the best way I could have spent this time". So overall, I'm glad that I stepped up to the plate, even though those insecurities were there and made the jump to join the mastermind.

My favorite thing about the mastermind is maybe two things that kind of correlate and that one is that it is a very organically structured kind of ongoing conversation where the themes and conversations that we have are co developed by the group, kind of that the current moment allows us a lot of flexibility. And also with that because it's a small group, because it's not a course where there's a set protocol or curriculum, you're able to show up and have those individualised, personalised Aha moments, which makes the mastermind just so wonderfully nourishing.

Before joining the mastermind, I felt pretty icky around selling. I don't think this is like unique to me, but I felt very, you know, misaligned with the idea of pulling on pain points. I wasn't sure how to name prices. I felt pretty uncertain every time I was asked to provide a quote. But now I feel much more confident and grounded and being able to articulate the value of the services that I provide, being able to connect and have authentic, grounded conversations with potential clients and transition them into paying clients at a price point that feels great for me and for them. So this has made a world of difference.

What really sets this mastermind apart is that it allows you to show up as you, it doesn't ask you to compromise and put parts of yourself on a shelf or in a box. It honors kind of the full complexities of who we are, as humans, as someone who is neurodivergent and gender nonconforming, I've really found that so much of the advice out there not only is it not helpful to me, but a lot of the times it can even be harmful to me to try to implement. And so within the mastermind, I've been able to be really honest about what my needs and my goals and my capacities are so that I can build kind of holistic systems that will continue to support me as my business continues to grow.

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got Qs - we've got the As

Bring alllll of your Qs as one of the most important things as business owners that we need to be doing when investing, is our Due Diligence. Ask anything and everything you need to so you know this is the place you want or need to be. Meanwhile here’s a few we’ve been asked before…

Do you offer scholarships or assisted places?

Yes! We offer one place in each enrolment period in the year (there are 3 enrolment periods). These places are available to folks where the investment is the only thing stoping them from diving right in and places are prioritised for folks who identify as having a marginalised identity. You can apply for a scholarship place here.

Can you guarantee my results?

It would make for a nice short answer if we just said “nope”, but the longer version is that your results are just not within our control, not only can we not guarantee them, they’re also not within our gift to define either. What we are confident of is that your life and business will be forever changed as a result of joining us!

How many people will be in the mastermind?

We max out at 20/22 Disobedient Business® Masterminders at any given time and we split into 2/3 pods for Hot Seat coaching calls, but otherwise will be together in all group calls.

Is the mastermind 6 months, 12 months or what?

Great question! We originally designed the Disobedient Business® Mastermind to be a 12-month long experience as we wholeheartedly believe in going deep and not wide and that supporting clients in their businesses over the long haul, is way more effective than "coach hopping".

Along came spring/summer 2022 and we felt strongly that it would really tone deaf of us to just ignore the environment we are all running our businesses in and so in addition to reducing the price from £3000 per month to £2400 per month, we have also evolved the way the mastermind operates to be an initial 6 month commitment with an option at the end of the initial 6 months to "re-up" for 3 months at a time (always at your enrolment price while you continue to be a member).

We're still 100% behind the value of the mastermind and the price being £500 per month for what is offered, but for the autumn 2022 intake this will reduced to support people being able to join. With this approach also comes the ability to join the mastermind 3 times a year.

Is the Disobedient Business® Mastermind for me?

If you’re looking for a courageous space with incredible humans where integrity and equity is as important as sales and success then then this is definitely for you. If you want to triple check, book a call here.

**How long do I need to have been in business to join?

This is an interesting question as we usually say the Disobedient Business® Mastermind is for folks 2/3 years into their business where life is a bit less about the constant search for clients and refining, refining, refining what you do and who you do it for. That being said, we don’t think the amount of time you’ve been in business is the best measure here, it’s much more about what you’re looking for and whether you feel the DB Mastermind will be able to help you find it. We had two newbie coaches in the last round who found it immensely beneficial to their first year in business. Chat with us if you're unsure.

When are the calls?

You can find the draft call schedule here and which Hot Seat Call Pod you will be in will be determined once everyone has signed up (you will be asked for a preference when you sign up. We try to make sure that there are calls that work in all time zones and of course, all calls are recorded and available in the mastermind hub for you to listen back to.

Is there any 1-2-1 time?

The most honest answer to this is “no” given that we tend to think of 1-2-1 time as dedicated time on a two-person Zoom call. Buttt, you do get 1-2-1 time on our pod Hot Seat coaching calls and also the fortnightly Voxer Office Hours is literally a “bring your question to Pippa on Voxer” type deal, so also essentially 1-2-1. If you do want that dedicated 1-2-1 time on Zoom, upgrade to the ridiculously good value VIP option for a monthly one-hour 1-2-1 session with Pippa or Lucy.

I have a product-based business, is this for me?

Many of our clients and mastermind members do tend to run service-based businesses. That being said, the mastermind is definitely not business type specific... the support and structure are just appropriate for a product-based business owner 😊.

I have another question…

Reach out to us at mastermind@disobedientbusiness.com and we'd be happy to answer any Qs.

ruth ridgeway

I joined the Disobedient Business® Mastermind as I wanted to have lush AF conversations about doing business differently (less shouty, less about the 'I made a ka-jillion dollars', and instead more human focused and giving a damn about the people you work with or buy from you).

The guided coaching sessions have been really interesting for seeing how different people, personalities and brains work with approaches to business - so my favourite part has definitely been the convo's. 

If someone's looking for a human first business container (rather than one solely focused on hitting the next level of income) then I'd totally point them in the direction of DBM.

shauna reid

I'm an introvert who writes for a living but frequently finds myself lost for words when Zoom is involved, so I was really really nervous about the group calls. Pippa created such a welcoming, friendly, fun space that I soon felt my worries dissolve. It is just so great know I have this place I can go each week to talk about THE BIZ THINGS ! I never fail to learn something, think about something differently, or just come away with that nice fuzzy feeling that comes from hanging out with smart, hilarious people!

I also am so grateful for Pippa's guidance. My 1:1 session as well as the Voxer support has really helped me clarify so many things. Looking back as we hit halfway through the year, I can see I've made genuine progress and feel completely different about my business than I did when we started. Pippa has the perfect blend of wisdom, insight and encouragement that helps you whack through the weeds of self-doubt and feel like you can take some steps forward!

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