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The Instagram “fixed 9 grid” as your strategy – yay or nay? with Deanna Seymour

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Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait and we’re the Disobedient Business® Co. team helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it.

We support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆.

Pippa talks to Deanna Seymour about fixed grids, 9 grids, 12 grids, grid magazines… we’re still not sure exactly what to call them.

This year, we at The Disobedient Business® Co. finally got our fixed grid up and running as well as reorganising our Highlights on Instagram and we are loving it!

WTF is a fixed grid? It’s where you generally archive all your old IG grid posts and in their place put a gorgeous 3×3 or 3×4 grid that is a catchy and eye grabbing story about who you are, what you do and how you work with people.

It’s certainly not for everyone, artists might like to regularly post new works for example. But if your services stay pretty similar and you find creating for your content each week an absolute hassle then this could be ‘the way’. (Yes, it might be a Mandalorian reference because yes, we are definitely on the Pedro Pascal side of TikTok 😬).

It was an absolute treat to talk with Deanna and we hope you love the episode! Let us and Deanna know your thoughts by sneaking on in to the ol’ DMs.

About Deanna
Digital Marketing Strategist and host of the podcast, Eff That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business, Deanna Seymour knows the power of creativity, fun, and lettin’ your freak flag fly when it comes to marketing your business.
Whether she’s hosting an online coworking sesh or helping a client get over their fear of being on camera, Deanna uses humor and empathy to build a community that helps people feel seen, heard, and ultimately more comfortable in their own skin so they can have more fun getting in front of their perfect-fit clients.
When she’s not working with clients, she’s probably callin’ out sleazy marketing tactics, hangin’ with her fam, or sneaking in some crappy reality tv!

Where to find Deanna
Instagram: @thedeannaseymour
LinkedIn: thedeannaseymour
TikTok: @thedeannaseymour

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