The Disobedient Business® Bites are a year-long series of twelve monthly 60-90-minute masterclasses and workshops covering a range of disobedient business fuckery. Delivered by Pippa and Lucy Parfait (and some guest pals). The Bites are also offered on a "Pay What You Can" basis, making them as accessible as possible for disobedient business owners without the means to invest in a bigger way in their business in 2023.

introducing Disobedient Business® bites 2023

Here you’ll find the next Bite class that’s available to book now. As classes are finalised they’ll be available here to buy and book. Past classes can be found below and you can grab these and get instant access now.

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Pippa Parfait

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Buy an annual class pass for £360 for the whole year - all 12 classes (or £30 per month on a payment plan), saving you £108 for the year (or almost 3 free classes). If you buy a Class Pass at any point in the year, you get access to all classes for the year: instant access to the classes gone by and live access to all upcoming classes 🎉.

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The Disobedient Business® Bites are priced at £39, which we believe to be a fair rate when looking at the business space and the value and experience delivered. We believe that all business owners, ourselves included, should be paid fairly for their work - this of course extends to our guest Bite hosts, who are paid fairly/fully compensated for their time and expertise.

That being said, capitalism SUCKS as it asks us to constantly seek more more more, with no regard to people’s circumstances. If £39 for a Bite isn’t accessible for you and you think you’d like to attend a lot of them in the year, then we’d firstly invite you to consider grabbing a class pass which allows you to pay £30 a month on subscription for all twelve Bites.

If you’re grabbing a Bite here and there and £39 isn’t accessible for you, we have an Accessible Pricing option from £5 for folks that need it. This is on an “honour system” with no application process or any other hoops to jump through, we would just ask you to please consider your relative identity and earning privilege, before using this option.

Paying the standard rate if you’re able to, allows us to offer these discounts. If you’re not sure if you should use this option, please contact us at support [at] disobedientbusiness [dot] com (there will never be any judgement by us and nobody will ever know if you signed up via accessible pricing or not). We say this because people may incorrectly assume that if we’re offering discounts, it must be because we don’t need the money. Rather, we offer discounts as a commitment to all folks having the chance to get free of capitalistic BS, not just those with the means to invest heavily in their businesses. Any questions at all, please reach out.

a note about accessible pricing

As live classes go by, they will appear below, available to grab and get instant access (yep like in less than 5 minutes 🔥). If you buy a Class Pass, you get access to all classes for the year, past and upcoming 🎉. A class pass can still be paid in instalments at no extra cost and you get almost 3 classes free!!

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Katie Skelton

make a splash on linkedin: a no-bs guide for business owners

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Pippa Parfait

creating exceptional customer journeys & amazing experiences for your clients and customers

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Pippa Parfait

the magic and art of actually being yourself in your business

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Pippa Parfait

"the 9-grid": fixed grids on instagram; the what, why & how

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Lucy Parfait

create a simple af content repurposing system using chatgpt