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The All Good Things page is where you can find literally everything we sell or give away for free! All freebies, all workshops, all trainings, all courses, all masterminds, all services, all podcast support - you name it, it's here.

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Disobedient Business Bites - a series of masterclasses & workshops in 2023 (from £9)

A year-long series of twelve monthly 60-90-minute masterclasses and workshops covering a range of business topics and other disobedient fuckery. The bites are also offered on a "Pay What You Can" basis for them to be as accessible as possible for everyone.

How to find clients without being a salesy asshole course (£39)

Especially for new coaches and services providers: how to find ways to sell that do not give you the ick, make you feel (or act) like a salesy asshole, all the time being in integrity with yourself. In this short course, Pippa shares her thoughts on doing exactly that!

Create your Disobedient Business® Manifesto (£59)

Create and share your Disobedient Business® Manifesto and Stand for MORE! Be 100% YOU in your business + feel the magic happen when you set to the business rule book! This workshop includes practical walkthroughs with templates to help you do just that!

Podcast Editing & Management Services (from only £220 pcm)

A “Five Guys Burger” approach to podcast production. Build your own package and get help with what you NEED on your podcast - no need to sign up for all-the-things! From editing to graphics and from show notes to audiograms, we've got you.

Mini Strategy Intensive 2-hours (£495)

Looking to work on one bigger or a couple of smaller strategies in your business that we can work through in two hours? Whether it's working on the ecosystem of offers in your business, talking through a launch, working on mapping out your client journey, or just picking my brains, the Mini Strategy Intensive is fab.

Go Pod Yourself: From Zero to Podcast in 60 Days (£750)

Launching a podcast been on your list forEVER and it feels like the hugest of projects? It can take a lot to launch a podcast, but don't worry we've got you! Get on the waitlist for the our new live/hybrid course launching in Q1 of 2023 - finally bring YOUR podcast to life!

Half-day Strategy Intensive (£895)

A "proper sit down" to unpick some strategy or planning in your business! Whether it's working on the ecosystem of offers in your business, mapping out a quarterly plan, working on client experience or mapping out a new programme, the Half-Day is brill. Four hours of strategising (with a 30-minute break so we book 4.5 hours out) plus 7 days of follow-up support via Voxer voice and text messaging for those niggly questions.

A Year of Business Disobedience (£4750)

How does a different, dare we say "disobedient" way of getting coaching and strategy support in your business sound? A Year of Disobedience is a 12-month programme kicking off with a half-day strategy session, followed by 8x 2-hour sessions every +/- 6 weeks and punctuated nicely by Voxer Office Hours every two weeks throughout the year. It's not too much, or too little, it's just right (said Goldilocks when asked 😉).

The Disobedient Business® Mastermind (£2400/£400 pcm)

Are you a (secret-ish) rebel business owner still playing the game and following the blueprint and want to break free? Want to create a 🖕🏼 up to the patriarchy, disobedient & rule-breaking business, that is both "people first" and wildly profitable! Then you definitely need to join us in the Disobedient Business® Mastermind! 

Our All Good Things page is inspired by Lizzy Goddard's Everything Page which she teaches in her offerings and we love the simplicity of everything being in one place so we wanted one too!