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 let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・ let’s create a 🖕🏼 up to the status quo, disobedient & rule-breaking business ・

Make time to work on your business (and not in it) with annual, quarterly and financial templates, to make plans that work for you, your biz and your brain!

Keep track of where TF all your courses are with this short training and fully customisable template! All the data you need for your offerings organised in one place!

A short training and Google Sheet tracker template to help you organise and track the shit out of your revenue with ease. Track your revenue like the financial badass you are!

Grab one of our bold and colourful notebooks with 200 lined pages for all your notes, ideas and rule-breaking business fuckery - the perfect accompaniment for any disobedient biz owner.

A very sexy and disobedient journal filled with 79 action-focused journal prompts to help you look at your business in a different way and to create change all in the name of fucking up the business status quo! 

A co-working, body-doubling, biz buddy type club (but not really a club) for folks with spicy and/or busy brains, to ask questions, get work done and join a lovely community of fellow biz owners. 

Create a compelling, non-coercive sales page for a micro offer, that'll take you less than an hour to write with this handy template - especially handy if you find writing sales copy a right faff.  

Three shorter and easy-to-use Google Doc templates for those $9 offers, Flash sales and Masterclass/ workshop. Write your sales email copy in much less time than starting with a blank page 🎉.

A slightly lengthier sales email template than our short ones, perfect for that short course, that sprint programme you've got in the works or maybe even that challenge?

Our longest form of email sales templates that would best suit a launch over 2-4 weeks - perfect for a 12+ week course, a group programme or that membership launch. 

Sell your digital product in your sleep with this super quick to use template that'll help you write non-coercive sales copy for your sales page in no time at all. 

Create compelling sales copy quick sharp for that self guided course you're excited to start selling, with this super easy to use template. 

A combo of our FIVE sales email series templates that will provide you with all of the sales emails you will ever need, ever. Get the Long, Medium and 3x Short templates in the toolkit.

Strategy + support for earlier-stage business owners to create and sustain a disobedient business they love! A hybrid group coaching/ mastermind for service-based business owners.

Whether it's working on your offer ecosystem, talking through a launch, working on your client experience or a plan for next quarter, a CEOhhh Clarity & Strategy Session is just the ticket.

A high-touch 1:1 & group coaching mastermind for established service-based business owners building people-first businesses, where the cost of their success is not their integrity!

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