A spectacular and supportive one-day, in-person or virtual event, designed to help you bring your new group programme or mastermind to life! Structure + Support + Sisterhood = Success

Come Mastermind with Me

(all times are London - find your time here)

March 2024 Dates

March 13th 9.30am - 5.30pm (in-person Newbury, UK)

March 20th 1pm - 7.30pm (virtual via Zoom with breaks)

5 (now 3) places available per event!

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Join Pippa for a day of finally getting that amazing group offering out of your head and into an action-focussed plan, with all the deciding and figuring out of your new offering ready to GO!

  • You feel seen and supported
  • The ideas flow (so) much more freely when riffing happens
  • Other Masterminder’s noodling out loud supports your own noodling too
  • You actually get things D-O-N-E, plans get written, outlines get shaped, messaging gets clear, things HAPPEN
  • You see what you’re trying to achieve with fresh eyes and come away with So. Many. New. Ideas.

Something pretty special happens when you step back from your business for a hot minute, get in a “room” with other disobedient business folk and work towards a common goal. 

A spectacular and supportive one-day, in-person or virtual event, designed to help you bring your new group programme or mastermind to life!

Our commitment is that you will walk away with a shit ton of excitement and clarity around your new offering, a bunch of new comrades on the same journey and a clear roadmap to bring your vision to life in 2024!


Disobedient Business® Mastermind Days

  • You already deliver one-to-one services and are dreaming of scaling your offering to be able to serve a group of people around a particular focus or topic or in a particular way.

  • You have some idea as to what you might like to deliver and one-to-one clients talk about this stuff all the time

  • You love some structure to work with but also love the autonomy of Doing You in your business

  • You’re a service-based business owner who is purpose and values driven 

  • You offer a service and regularly / consistently attract clients

  • You have disobedient business values also aspire to do things “better”

  • You may well be “neurospicy” (all brains are welcome and we work with you brain and not against it)

For you if...

  • You’re a shiny new in business as you need to know the who/what/how/why of your business and clients fairly well to develop a group offering (some exceptions may apply)

  • You’re looking for specific support with curriculum design - this is not a day about creating a course

  • You want to be guided through a day one-to-one - talk to us about grabbing a one-to-one strategy day if you want 100% individual attention for a whole day

  • You’re primarily a product-based business owner

  • You’re looking to be handed the answer on a plate and following a set of instructions and rules or looking for a “blueprint” (🤢)

  • You’re looking for a ton of content to plough - this is not a one day course and won’t be “teachy”, it will be collaborative

Probs not for you if...

“I love group sessions as it is so helpful to see where everyone is at in their business journey and see the similarities and the differences. Pippa was great at cutting to the core of what the “problems” were that we shared. Her questions were so perceptive and her advice and thoughts were insightful and supportive.”

Anon, Coach (Group one-off masterminding session)

“Pippa creates a space that welcomes all parts of you and supports you to grow into all of who you are. It challenges and questions in a way that's supportive and encouraging. It presents different options and opportunities for how to do this business thing while being true to yourself, your needs and wants.”

Laura C, Comms Strategist (DB Mastermind Member)

What is a mastermind day?

Well, there’s many ways you might see people offering what they call a “Mastermind”, but let us share what we mean when it comes to our Mastermind Days:

A one-day event, facilitated by disobedient business coach and mentor, Pippa. Where 5 business owners gather to work collaboratively, shaping the group offering they individually dream of launching. Facilitated discussions and coaching around the core components and important decisions needed, to bring your group offering to life.

*Our comprehensive workbook, which will be available either electronically or in print (you choose what you would prefer to suit your work style on sign up), will help guide you through the day and once completed, will provide the structure, the format, the plans for engagement, the pricing, the messaging and an action plan, to bring your group offering to life. Like BOOM 💥

If you’re thinking you could come to either the in-person day or the virtual one and are having a hard time deciding which is best, ask yourself this, “which of these two options would be most nourishing FOR ME”. There is no right answer - you might thrive in-person and long for that kind of connection and working space, or, you could thrive at home in the comfort of your own space with all the things around you that help you get the most out of the experience - neither are right or wrong and please do reach out to Pippa to chat if it would help to talk this through.

  • Welcome questionnaire about you, your business and your goals

  • Prep work to help you get the very best from the day

  • 1.00pm start / 7.30pm finish

  • Venue = Zoom call

  • Regular short breaks for stretching, food and drink

  • Interactive workbook*

  • Seven days follow up voice or text notes via WhatsApp to chat through any niggles as you get stuck into your action plan


  • Welcome questionnaire about you, your business and your goals

  • Prep work to help you get the very best from the day

  • 9.30am start / 5.30pm finish

  • Venue = Newbury, UK

  • Lunch off-site to let things percolate

  • AM and PM short break

  • All snacks and refreshments provided but bring your own “specials” if you’d like to

  • Interactive workbook*

  • Seven days follow up voice or text notes via WhatsApp to chat through any niggles as you get stuck into your action plan


The day itself

Interest free non-punitive payment plans are available

*We have extensive experience both running two masterminds and supporting our clients in developing their own offerings, but this is the first time we are running this as a one-day event, so we’re offering all founding round folks $250 off the normal pricing.

(use code "FOUNDERVIRTUAL" for your $250 off)

* Founders price



(use code "FOUNDER" for your $250 off)

* Founders price



Let’s Mastermind Together 🔥!

now closed

now closed

I’m also a wild swimmer who will bore you all day about how great it is, cat servant, somewhat house plant obsessed, dungaree-wearing queer human - and my pronouns are she/they - I'm waaay less attached to gender than I used to be.

Hey I’m Pippa and I’m the Founder of the Disobedient Business® Co. and The OG Disobedient Business® Coach & Mentor and I’m gonna help you figure your biz shit out “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* create the kind of amazing business you actually want!!

I started the Disobedient Business® Mastermind in 2021 and it has gone from strength to strength, so much so in cahoots with my now biz partner Lucy, I have added the fabulous Disobedient Business® Minimind, to also support shiny new biz owners.

Alongside a 15+ career in adult and further education and training, I’ve been an internationally certified coach since 2016 and I have a wealth of experience in business and honouring YOUR way to be YOUR version of successful. I’ve helped clients to develop their own group offerings, whether that be a mastermind, a group coaching programme or something more “hybrid”.

Meet your host for the day

"The session with Pippa was just what I needed. She was able to cut through the noise and help me focus on what was really important. The session was valued packed and I came away with a clear plan – one I felt really connected to and inspired by. Pippa is generous with her knowledge, experience and insights".

Sadie T, AuDHD Coach
(Masterminder & 121 client)

“Absolutely bloody incredible! I feel so privileged to have been a part of such an amazing experience. I don't think I've been in a situation before where I've felt so able to share things completely openly without fear of judgement. It's been a wonderful forum to "play" with ideas, try new things, and get support from the group.”

Julia D, Coach
(DB Mastermind Member)


If you’ve read this page and you’re still not sure, we’d suggest a chat with Pippa or with a trusted biz pal as to whether this is right for you. Pop into Pippa’s WhatsApp and chat if this would be supportive.

In terms of the agenda, only slightly, as we’ve condensed the breaks and obviously the off-site lunch isn’t provided so it shortens the time on Zoom a little. In terms of the content and the resources provided, no not at all.

It’s a super cute coworking space in the centre of Newbury which is just off the M4, west of London. Why here? Well, central London is cost prohibitive (both for us and for you) and we are mindful that unless you live within the London train and tube network, it’s often a barrier hosting things in London for many folks. Instead we have a lovely cosy venue with a super funky room with lovely eateries nearby (grab your fave coffee on the way in and we’ll be having lunch round the corner!), and all within a <50-minute train west of London (and there's parking too if you’ll be driving!). 

The day isn’t shaped to be a one-to-one experience and if you are looking for that a strategy day might be a better option (they are $1495 and please get in touch if this is the case). You do however get a 7-day follow on WhatsApp to ask any niggling questions from the day as things settle in and you start working on your plan.

All the calls listed are in UK timezone - convert them to your time zone here

Due to the nature of resources and time spent on the day, no refunds will be available, so please purchase with intention.

Of course, our payment plans never cost more than paying in full (as we believe that is capitalist bullshit and there really isn’t a real cost to payment plans, whatever folks are telling you).

Well, yes and no. Not really on the day, if you attend virtually you will need access to Zoom but it doesn’t have to be a paid account. To implement your group offering you will undoubtedly need tech but we will touch on this on the day.

Please just pop us an email or send Pippa a WhatsApp and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Imagine in a few months from now, sitting back in your chair at your desk and soaking up all the joy of welcoming the founding group into your brand-spanking new group offering. It might feel a bit overwhelming to launch your own group thing in 2024, and we’re not gonna lie, when we launched the Mastermind in 2021 it was no mean feat, but booking onto a Mastermind Day will take so much of the unknown out of that big dream and turn it into a reality!