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Summits, Bundles and other collaborative ways to grow your business

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Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait and we’re the Disobedient Business® Co. team helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it.

We support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆.

In this episode, Pippa flies solo and shares the inside scoop on the recent summit and bundle The Disobedient Business Co. was a part of; wtf a summit or a bundle is and why we chose to explore being a part of these events.

Participating in summits and bundles certainly has its advantages for everyone involved but as with everything, there are some potential caveats or downsides also worth considering no matter whether you’re looking to participate in one, create one or join one! 

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