Are you ready to finally get

off your ever-growing to-do list?

That One Damn Thing

How does 28 days of one-to-one coaching, body doubling and accountability that will get That One Damn Thing, finally DONE sound? 🎉

For every busy business owner, for every 🌶️🧠 business owner - what’s that one project, that one Big Fat Hairy Task or that one Projecty Thing you really (like reeeeaallllly) need to get in place in your business and whatever TF you do, and no matter how many times it has made it onto the to-do list, it just ain’t done yet?

Yeah that thing, you know the one we mean!

Let’s get it done - together 🔥.

You know that one thing on your todo list?

  • You’ve got a to-do list as long as a very long thing on a very long day
  • You keep adding things to it as you have All-The-Ideas in your business
  • You have one or two *cough* several *cough* half-completed tasks that are taking on that kind of “festering boil” vibe 🫣
  • There’s that one project that really needs to live in the world but try as you might, it never, like N-E-V-E-R, makes its way to the top of the list
  • You have ever been known to utter the words “Fuck My Life” about getting things done

Hands up if 🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️…

Well, we're here to tell you that we have The Solution To This Dilemma!

Bold claim, right? But, go with us here, what if you could…

  1. Pick a project that’s super important to you (and got that stinky festering vibe)
  2. Get help creating a plan to get that project DONE
  3. Be coached through any of the hurdles needed to bring it to life
  4. Stay accountable through check-ins and community
  5. Pitch up to body doubling sessions for dedicated “let’s do this thing” time

And imagine if after 28 days your One Damn Thing was, well, DONE?! That would be pretty awesome!

We've been in your shoes, friend, and know what that yawning chasm of a to-do list can feel like (and we often still do cos #WorkInProgress). Pippa and Lucy’s 🌶️🧠 both fuck with, and bless them, on the daily.

On a good day we’re on fire - bet you are too - but on a difficult day, you can try and try (and try) and no matter what motivational hacks conventional wisdom has given you, it Just Ain’t Happening.

Well, fuck conventional wisdom! Conventional is boring AF and we want no part of it. Nope. Thanks. Ba-bye.

And because we know that this “festering boil project task thing” happens to So Many Of Us, we created a way to help you get it done. 

We know that it takes a different way of LOOKING at things and that is why we’ve created a different way of DOING things for you.

The 28-day one-to-one coaching, body doubling and accountability package that will get That One Damn Thing off your plate for good.


That One Damn Thing


Here’s the nuts and bolts of what’s included..

Before You Even Start

A super simple kick-off questionnaire to get to the heart of your One Damn Thing and what kind of support you really need.

You’ll also get a fantastic, yet simple tool to break your One Damn Thing down into its individual tasks and a way to map these in over the 28 days that we’re working together.

At the Start of Week One

A one-to-one coaching call with Pippa to map out your project over the 28-days and get over any icky hurdles.

Weekly Co-working sessions

Cos Body Doubling, AreWeRight?! No matter whether your brain is spicier than a Vindaloo or more of a creamy Korma vibe, co-working is such a win when you’re a business owner - time to Get Shit Done. You’ll get access to dedicated That One Thing co-working with Lucy as well as the bi-weekly co-working we host for past and present clients.

In Week Three

A further one-to-one coaching call with Pippa to check in, keep you on track and really bring things home strong by the end of week four.

In Week Four

We celebrate 🎉🤩🔥🎉🤩🔥🎉🤩🔥. With your other That One Damn Thing companions and members of our Minimind and Mastermind that get to join in as part of their membership, we cheer each other on for getting That One Damn Thing done.

Start date: Monday 15th January

Duration: 4 weeks

First coaching calls with Pippa: 15th -16th -17th January

Co-working sessions: weekly at 6pm (UK - convert here)

Second coaching calls with Pippa: 30th - 31st January

Close out and celebrate: Friday 9th February

Important Dates & Deets


I typically start a new project with lots of enthusiasm that quickly fades. During TODT, I started to fade but something magical happened - I actually finished...and on time! Checking in every day helped keep me focused. Even on the days when I just couldn't do it, I had the support to pick back up the next day. TODT is perfect for those that need a little structure, a little accountability, a little motivation, and the support to get a project done!

Sarah Shoop

The idea of TODT is genius - just focus on one thing - and I know that it works well for me to break tasks down into small steps as it helps to manage the overwhelm. I’ve been meaning to write my email welcome sequence for months and focusing on that one thing, with the added bonus of accountability, meant I actually did it! With time to spare… and I then did a couple more things as well (one at a time of course!).

Phlippa Robinson

Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait

We’re the Disobedient Business® Co team who are helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it.

We support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆. We’re both in possession of some spicy brains and find ways to make that work for us and not against us in business.

  • You HAVE a festering thing of a project, task, or doohickey of a thing that’s stinking up your to-do list and you just want it done.

  • You might well be neurodiverse or have “a touch of the spicies” as we both do and so do most of our clients.

  • You share some disobedient business values with us and you’re aspiring to do things “better” or differently in your business (not the same old shit the biz space is spouting).

  • There’s a decent chance you’re fairly anti right-wing/ capitalist/ patriarchy and all that BS too, but at the very least you’re 100% onboard with black lives matter, all love is love, women’s rights matter, all humans are valuable and that kindness is everything (if not we’re not the place for you, soz).

  • You can create some time during the four weeks to work on your One Damn Thing (don’t set yourself up to fail, friend!).

  • It’s fair to say you might well be a teensy tiny bit familiar with the burnout struggle bus.

That One Damn Thing is for you if...

  • Your to-do list is a shining example of complete and organised and you’re someone that also always has an empty washing basket.

  • You're so damn stressed and you’re thinking this might be a quick fix to get something done. We hate to break it to you, but you probs need a big slice of rest and some help - not a way of getting a stinky project off your list 🤗.

  • You’ve not got the time to commit to getting it done and again, think That One Damn Thing might possess a magic wand to fix that (sadly you do still actually have to do the One Damn Thing 😬.

That One Damn Thing is probs not for you if...


For the one-to-one calls there are times available that are friendly for all time zones and we will shift things around to make it work if needed. Dedicated TODT co-working is hosted on Thursdays at 6pm (UK - convert here) and you will also get access to our “client only co-working” which is at various times that will be published closer to the time.

All sales are final and no refunds are available, please purchase with intention and see our full Terms of Sale below. In exceptional circumstances, please get in touch and we will address any concerns on a case-by-case basis.

We are committed to being as accessible as we possibly can for all folks and are happy to be called in if anything is concerning you about anything we offer that is public or client facing. If you have any additional needs when (or before) you sign up, please reach out in confidence and we’ll do our best to meet them.

If you do need extra help, you get access to a special rate to book a one-hour call with Pippa or Lucy that is only available to current clients. Just holler once you’re all signed up.

Yes there are penalty-free instalment plans on the payment page.

Not really. We host the community part of That One Damn Thing on Heartbeat and host our co-working calls on Flown but neither require you to buy anything and are super simple to log into.

Pop us an email at hello [at] disobedientbusiness [dot] com or you can always DM us on Instagram if you fancy @disobedientbusinessco.

Imagine rolling into the next month as happy as a Golden Retriever in a muddy puddle, as proud as a parent on graduation day, and as awesome as cheese fondue, that you finally followed through on that damn thing. That you finally followed through on any of the damn things, right?! Does it mean there won’t be another one, nope of course not, but we’re always here for next time too, AND you’ve got a whole load of new evidence that you CAN and you WILL Get It Done when you get the right help 🎉🤩🔥🎉🤩🔥🎉🤩🔥.