Group hot seat coaching, strategy, copywriting and tech support for newbie service-based business owners to establish a sustainable and disobedient business they love! Bring that disobedience in from day one - your way! 💪

Have you been sat trying to figure out how to actually do this business malarkey? Wondering how you can achieve your definition of success without sacrificing your soul? Well, you've in the right place, let’s create and nurture your sustainable business now!

And even though you’re in the early stages, you know your business is going to make a difference to people’s lives 🔥

You’ve noticed that there are an awful lot of business owners burning out and you know you don’t want to end up there because it doesn’t look like much fun, and you didn’t leave your last job for more misery, right? 😤

You’re feeling hella overwhelmed with All The Stuff that comes with starting and running a business because No. One. Teaches. Us. This. Shit! 😓

Your brain is full of so. many. incredible. ideas whirling round but you haven’t a scooby about which ones to start with or how to implement them 🤯

You’ve been an employee (or you might still be!), especially corporate or maybe public sector, and it’s a total 🤯 trying to figure out who you are and what you want from your business 🏔

How familiar does this feel?

  • Having a really clear vision of what you *actually* want to do, how you’re going to do it and who you’re working with! So clear that it makes it super easy to tell people about it.

  • Having an actual frickin strategy and a plan! You know, one of those plans that actually works for your brain and not some arbitrary wall planner thing from the office.

  • Waking up in the morning to folks in your DMs and inbox saying “I’m so excited to find someone who gets me on here. I feel like you’re in my head!”

  • Opening up your Google calendar and seeing it dotted with enquiry calls that you didn’t have to lift a finger for! People can book in easily, and can even pay you with ease.

  • Starting to build a range of offerings that support people at the various stages of their journey, so you’re hearing Stripe ping more often and you’re helping folks where and how they need it most.

  • Being supported by an amazing group of humans who want to cheerlead you every step of the way on this journey to establishing your biz.

Just imagine for a moment if you will..

Become the people-first business owner you’ve been dreaming of being, with your bills paid and plenty of time to do the things you love.

Have created a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business that helps you achieve your version of success! 

Launch your offerings to a community of brilliant humans who want to see you win and are chomping at the bit to work with you!

How exciting when you...

This is what we want for you in your amazing business and we plan to help you get there!

Susan Sutherland - Next chapter & self-belief coach

Working with Pippa and Lucy is just fab! They bring a solid balance of strategic focus, tactical guidance and - best for me - a set of broad technical skills to help systematize my vision. I even called in emergency tech support for my non-coaching website and they were good, fast, and spot on with their questions when clarification was required. Love working with them!

We have a reputation for supporting folks to not only find their way to thrive and succeed in business, but to do that in a way that doesn’t sacrifice their soul, their peace or their nervous systems - this goes for supporting you to launch your podcast too!


Our mission at the Disobedient Business® Co is to help service-based business owners to find ways to do business that sets fire to the rulebook and do things their way (and by their way, we mostly mean with a 🖕🏼up to the status quo and with stack loads of integrity).


Pippa has been coaching clients in both life and business since 2016, but in truth has been coaching humans in her career for 20+ years, so she’s pretty decent at this stuff. We run two successful group programmes, manage our weekly podcast 100% in-house (Lucy’s editing skills are 🔥), and we also run our monthly Bites classes too. What Lucy doesn’t know about tech, they figure out. Bringing Lucy’s big 🧠 to your systems and tech is never a bad idea!


Pippa is a fully qualified teacher (of adult learners) and has been coaching folks in business and systems strategy for 6+ years. Lucy's a tech genius and all-round systems and workflows maestro. Together it's quite the combo 🔥.


We’ve supported dozens of amazing humans like you for years. We regularly get people in our DMs chatting about our work and how they found us. Supporting clients to find their own way to success, work less, play more, launch programmes, design workflows and systems that create ease, hit targets, give up the day job and more


So why get us to support you?

 create and sustain a disobedient business you love ・ create and sustain a disobedient business you love ・ create and sustain a disobedient business you love ・ create and sustain a disobedient business you love ・ create and sustain a disobedient business you love ・
The Minimind isn’t a group programme or another course, and it’s not a membership. It’s a supportive space where coaching, strategy and systems collide! The Minimind focuses on: 

  • Building connections with ‘your people’ (or “marketing” if you prefer).
  • Establishing what you really really want to do (and how and who with).
  • Setting up systems in a way that has an eye to the future, but is cost-effective when investing big is not an option.
  • Getting comfy around selling (and finally understanding the difference between that and marketing).
  • Starting to develop an ecosystem for your offerings that supports your clients at various stages of their journey with you.

This is where we come together to grow your confidence in doing business YOUR way. Bring your whole self to the Minimind and be supported to lay disobedient and strong AF foundations. Because you can achieve success on your terms.

What exactly is the Minimind?

  • You’re a product-based business owner as this is not our zone of genius. Do chat to us about your business type if you’re at all unsure as that is not a blanket assumption.

  • You’re hoping to be handed The Answer on a plate and following a set of instructions and rules to have a successful business (hate to break it to you but the peeps selling that shit are LYING - there really is no one answer!).

  • You’re looking for a ton of content to plough through rather than the right kind of support at the right time. This is not a group course.

  • You’re hoping to avoid “doing the work” that goes with having a business - not the systems and businessy stuff, but the stuff that really holds us back, especially in the earlier years as it’s often 15% about the what and 85% about getting out of your own way and finding a way of putting one foot in front of the other!

  • You're a bit more established in your business and it's not all about setting things up, finding clients and creating sustainability any more. You're going to want to check out the Disobedient Business® Mastermind!


Probs not for you if…

  • You’re a coach, creative or other service-based business owner in the earlier stages of your business (you get to define what “earlier stages” means).

  • You have a service that you’re selling but not consistently and not often enough or the service offer “isn’t quite there yet”.

  • You might well be neurodiverse or have “a touch of the spicies” as we both do and so do many of our clients.

  • Cookie cutter strategies haven’t worked for you or you damn well won’t use them - fuck blueprints they’re not made for you anyway!

  • You might not like “templated” when it comes to strategies, but you’re here for an actual template when it makes life easier.

  • You share some disobedient business values with us and you’re aspiring to do things “better” or differently in your business (not the same old shit). There’s a decent chance you’re fairly anti right-wing/capitalist/patriarchy and all that BS too 😳.

  • It’s fair to say you might well be a teensy tiny bit familiar with the burnout struggle bus.


This is for you if…

Helen Wallis-Dowling - Self-belief Coach

I had a ton of ideas but was feeling overwhelmed. Pippa brought a bright light in the shape of a strategy and a plan. I didn’t know what I expected but was confident I’d come away with a business plan and I got soooo much more than that. I felt and continue to feel so much calmer as I continue to develop my business. I feel like I know what I’m doing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and for making me feel seen, heard and understood. 💖

Once a quarter, submit a Google Doc quarterly strategy and plan for your business to Pippa for feedback/discussion to set you on your path for the next 90 days. There is nothing more supportive in those earlier years than creating a 90-day plan! There are no set formats, although we will provide several you can use to help you find one that works for your 🧠.

Quarterly planning circles - a 3-hour coworking-style planning session where you have dedicated time to actually create that plan!

Quarterly planning support

Get help in our community space with systems and tech stuff like setting up automations to make your life easier and quicker without sacrificing your clients’ experience, establishing your email marketing including creating a welcome sequence to help your future clients get to know you better, creating a “freebie” that really helps your future clients rather than is just another PDF and so much more. The Minimind also includes an “Ask an Expert” type approach where support for systems and tech is provided via screen recording walkthroughs and Q&A.

Support with systems and tech

How does getting help with writing those ghastly sales pages sound? What about getting support writing your email newsletter, email welcome sequence etc? Writing and finding your voice is such a biggie when you’re in the earlier years of business! Get help every two weeks from our resident copywriting coach Siobhan - submit up to 5 pages of copy in a Google Doc to be reviewed and feedback, tweaks and suggestions provided before you share your awesome work with the world.

Copy review support

A fortnightly (bi-weekly) opportunity to get support in live hot seat style small group coaching calls where we spend c.15 minutes each on whatever is top of the list for you at that time. Hot seat pod group times are Tuesdays at 5pm (UK) or Thursday 2pm (UK). Convert here.

You will be given the opportunity decide which "hot seat pod" group you would like to join when you join us (and this can be changed over time if a different time slot suits you better).

Hot seat coaching & mentoring

** see FAQs for clarification on weekly calls.

11 March
8 April
13 May
10 June
22 July
19 August
16 September
21 October
18 November

2024 Start Dates:

Helpful to know: You can join the Minimind roughly once a month, in fact it’s at the start of each 4-week cycle.

It’s simple. The Disobedient Business® Minimind is a rolling format where the initial minimum sign up is for 3-months and there's any easy peasy way to renew for 3-months at a time thereafter (we know you’re going to want to stay in while you’re getting established in your business!).

We have 7/8 rest weeks a year (because we need a rest and so do you!), and whenever in the year you join, you get 3 full cycles (so 12 weeks) regardless of rest weeks, so you never miss out by joining “at the wrong time”.

And because we believe that working longer term with your coach is always supportive as the better you get to know each other, the more able you are to make great progress; if you sign up for 6-months at a time, we offer 2 bonus 60-minute one-to-one sessions with Pippa, to support you to get your planning and strategy in place. We’re not going to insult you by putting some kind of “ made up bonus price” on these sessions, but they are super valuable in addition to the already awesomeness of the Minimind.

The offer

So if you’re looking for a place to nurture your business, to get established, to get just the support you need and none of the unnecessary extra piles of content fluff to plough through, The Disobedient Business® Minimind is gonna be the right place for you !

* as we are an international business, our pricing is charged in USD$ to be as globally convertible/ recognisable as possible. If, like us, you're based in the UK, and you would like to pay in £GBP, just let us know when you apply and we'll send you a link in £GBP instead.

(appx £250GBP)*

(with easy 6-monthly renewal thereafter)

per mth for 6m


(appx £250GBP)*

(with easy 3-monthly renewal thereafter)


per mth for 3m

Sign up for 6 months and get 2x 1:1 coaching calls with Pippa free

Here's the super-simple pricing...

So, if you're anything like us, you just saw that question and sat back in your chair a little bit! You had been thinking...

" this all sounds amazing - a better, more People-First way of doing business, I reckon I might be IN", but now you're somewhere around...

"oh FFS I had such high hopes but it's another elitist BS thing where I have to jump through hoops to prove I'm worthy of paying eleventy billion pounds to breathe the same air". It's OK hold your horses for just a sec, lovely human - that first instinct you had was the right one, but why do we have an application process?

First this isn't some kind of exclusionary elitist nonsense application BS (no hidden pricing, the price is up there 👆) and we're not looking to "screen" folks that want to join. It's simple really:

We feel really strongly about how important it is that the programme is the right fit for you and that you are the right fit for the programme (we, like you, have wasted faaar too much money on things that weren't!). And as we know the programme better than anyone (obvs) and you know you better than anyone (obvs), a two-way conversation about how the programme would support you in your business and what you would get out of it, feels kinda essential.

Pop your details in and we'll review it within 24 biz hours (often sooner) and come back to you with our thoughts of what's the best next step.

Ready to apply?

Some Qs & some As

Do you offer scholarships or assisted places?

Yes! We offer 3 places a year, roughly one every 4 months. These places are available to folks where the investment is the only thing stopping them from diving right in and places are prioritised for folks who identify as having a marginalised identity. You can apply for a scholarship place <<here>> or get in touch to see whether a scholarship place is currently available. Zero judgment and we'd love you to apply.

So why do we have these places available? Well it's simple really, we recognise that the coaching industry in and of itself is a privileged AF world where a good % of folks are automatically excluded by the kind of prices being charged, and while that might feel less relevant with business coaching (given that clients are business owners themselves), we feel strongly that we provide services that make sure our needs are taken care of financially and then we want to be able to provide financial support where we can (I guess it lives somewhere between paying it forward and leaning over and giving folks a hand up and having some pretty socialist leaning political beliefs).

How much time do I need to commit each week?

90 mins of hot seat calls per fortnight (2 wks), plus working on your business between calls and taking part in the community conversations (maybe 30-40 mins a week). If you want to check out the current schedule of calls and rest weeks you can do that here.

What if I can’t make the calls?

If you can’t make a call you can still access the private podcast and plenty of support via our Heartbeat community and it’s so important to use the Minimind support in the way that works for you. Zero FOMO - come to a call for support or community, but if “life be lifeing” focus on that first!

Does the Minimind include any one-to-one time?

If you sign up in 6 month increments, you get 2x free 1:1 calls with Pippa.

My business is fairly new, is the Minimind right for me?

You, my friend, are exactly who the Minimind was created for. We wanted something that we would’ve LOVED when we were new and struggling with All. The. Things. It’s accessibly priced for the level of support and super, well, supportive!! However, we know it’s a big decision, so if you want to chew it over with us, pop into our DMs on instagram or drop us an email and we’ll give you a super honest answer either way.

My question isn’t listed here...

No problem, just pop into our DMs on instagram or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help and give you a super honest answer to whether The Minimind is right for you.

Imagine feeling more confident... doing business YOUR way and building a community of engaged and excited humans who want to work with you, all while being supported to lay strong foundations (disobediently of course) so you can achieve success on your terms. That would be kinda awesome, right?!